in treating our customers with respect and trust, while we grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honestly, integrity ans business ethics into all aspects of business function. We increase the assets and investments of our company to support the development for all our services. 

Our Portfolio of clients includes Franchised Motor Dealerships, Mining Distributors, Major Fleets, Independent after-market and workshop, Agricultural operations and Motor Manufacturers.


We have been established in 2018 seeing a need in being dynamic in order to respond to changes in environment society and the economy and we are committed to quality services.

Our Goal

Our gola is to be trusted company that businesses turn to when looking quality parts, lubricants and services guaranteed.

Growth Strategy

Triugh our commitment of providing quality services business will soon maintain a high-quality output and will not compromise on quaity. All material supplied and service provided will be rendered with the highest standards.

Vision & Mission

FIA Auotmotive stives to become the leader in our industry and to be the first choice to all broad customer base contibuting to their success. 

To build long term relationships with our cusomers and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business through innovation and annovation technology.